Gender equality has always been an issue that was close to our founder, Ananya Modi’s heart. But her passion lied in fashion.Having played various sports as a child and being into fitness as an adult, she realized the importance of physical exercise and how it can make someone feel strong and empowered. That’s how ALL2DEFY started.

Today, we are an ATHLEISURE brand that aims to empower girls. The theme Athleisure (athletic & leisure) gives our product the sporty chic style that could be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Our curate collection of Made In India clothing and accessories, includes stylish 100% cotton T-shirts , finest quality genuine leather backpacks and wraps.

At ALL2DEFY , we DEFY THE NORMS dictated by the society by STARTING A REVOLUTION which enables our consumers to make socially conscious purchases. We are doing this by giving 5% of our proceeds from EVERY PRODUCT to an organization that helps a girl learn sports.

Giving our customers the ability to achieve both, the power to make a difference through their purchase, as well as satisfy their needs for “retail therapy”.



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