ALL2DEFY was established in 2018. It was founded by Ananya Modi.
ALL2DEFY stemmed from a fashion design idea to become a business module as she realized it was time to defy the norms and start a revolution.
She has experienced international fashion trends and influences, both American and European, as she graduated with a BFA in Fashion from Parsons, New York and Masters in Luxury Accessories from Istituto Maragoni, Milan.
Having strong Indian roots, the values and aesthetics of her home country always emerged strongest. That’s why ‘Made in India’ products became her dream. She realized the vacuum of an athleisure brand. A homegrown casual, yet sporty brand that is young, vibrant, feels comfortable and most importantly, contributes to gender equality.
At A2D, we believe in those who dare to make a difference, who are ready for a revolution and confidently stride into any space. The idea is to create a brand inspired by youth culture where products are conversation starters that defy taboos.
The result is a street style brand that combines feminism with a dose of sass.


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